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In collaboration with the #ShareTheMicCyber campaign I was invited for a panel on the Intrusion Diversity System (IDS) Podcast. This panel of Black cyber practitioners from different backgrounds and varying years of experience included discussions about trends in cybersecurity, background on how we broke into the industry and advice for the next generation.

IDS podcast panel YouTube video

Hosted by:

O’Shea Bowens- @ sirmudbl00d


Sienna Delvasto


Mary Chaney- @MaryNChaney or @MiCLeadership

Louis Arnold - @L0u_Hacks

Elyse Robinson​- @mselyserobinson

Robin Mc - ​ @RobiMc84

Shamika Abraham @securelyshamika



Securely, Shamika

Securely, Shamika

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